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Series : L621U

Model : 49L621U



Firmware Update Version 1

Important Notice

Important Notices:
1. Please double check again for model name of your TV (Main menu->GetHelp->Support
Information), takes wrong image may make your TV inoperable.
2. Your TV setting will be lost during update procedure.
3. Please check your current firmware version before update. Updating the same version or
downgraded is not allowed.

1. A USB stick with 256MB at least. Formatted with FAT32 format.
2. Firmware: Please get from the download link.
3. Unzip the download file without password. Be note, the file name should not be changed
or your firmware update will not work.
Ex. 43/49/55/65L621U: UPDATE_CASTTV_UHD_01.04.088_FY17_sc_INIT_CLEAR.prg
4. Copy the firmware file “UPDATE_CASTTV_UHD_01.04.088_FY17_sc_INIT_CLEAR.prg” to root
directory of your USB stick

Start update:
Please download detail procedure in following link

Firmware Release Notices:

1. Other bug fixes and performance improvement

Download Procedure

File name: 20170830113420_castuhdl621uusb_update_procedure_20170830.pdf

File size: 1 MB

Last Modified: 27.09.2017



File name:

File size: 137 MB

Last Modified: 27.09.2017